Weavers of the Moonfire is a coven of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. When each group is formed it is given an astrological association and a Tool to connect them to the group as a whole. Weavers of the Moonfire holds the Staff of the Circle of Pisces.

The Staff is the tool of our coven.  The Staff is the symbol of the element: Fire or the direction: South.  In otherwords, Weavers of the Moonfire is a Fire coven of the Assembly.

Our Staff is made by of Willow, Moonfire's sacred tree.  Along it's length are colored stones that represent each of our chakra points.  At the top of the Staff is a Moonstone to send out energy through the Staff.  The bottom of the Staff is wrapped in copper to act as a magnet to draw up energy into the Staff.

We use the Staff for several reasons.  First, it is used as a means to scribe our circle of sacred space.  The Staff is used to take the energy of the sender, and direct is through the staff as the person walks the circle.  Second, it is used to bring us, the members of Moonfire, closer to each other as a meditation tool.  And lastly, it is used as a magnet to send energy to, the holder of the Staff will then also receive the energy sent as the staff acts as a conductor/accelorator for energy.  Thus, the person holding the Staff will receive a heightened energy for situations such as healing, or a blessing of welcome, etc.

Moonfire takes great pride in our Staff and the beauty it has on the surface and within its wooden layers.