Weavers of the Moonfire explore the multitude of paths that are available to the magickal practitioner. We have found, that as a church of diversity comes many backgrounds, interests, and outlooks on what Weavers of the Moonfire is about. Within our midsts we have members who are quite knowledgable of, but not limited, to Qabala, Astrology, British/Celtic mythology, Healing systems, Meditation, Herb lore, Crafts, Aspecting, and Chant; just to name a few.

We feel that by using each of these means, we are able to reach a higher level of understanding in ritual and sacred space.  Each member participates fully in ritual, so as to expand their own personal knowledge and skills as a member.

We pride ourselves in being a teaching coven, one that will assist in the growth of each member as they walk the path of the Lord and Lady. Our coven works closesly with the community so we may reach all who want to learn. We also host opportunities for people to get to know our coven members and familiarize themselves with ritual workings.