Weavers of the Moonfire normally hosts numerous events throughout the year that are open. These include teaching workshops and selected sabbatt rituals. For 2017, we have a very full schedule of closed and by-invitation events, and at this time there are only two open events that folks might inquire about attending (see below). However, we anticipate adding more classes and events, so please check this site periodically.

To attend one of our Moonfire events or to get info on unlisted workshops, please contact Diane, our High Priestess. She may be able to include you in something more, so feel free to write her and ask.

Note that we also occasionally hold joint events with other covens of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, and members of Moonfire participate in larger Assembly events that are open and are posted on the main website.

April 1, 2017 , Saturday - Spring Magick. Spring Magick is an annual fundraiser event for The New Alexandrian Library project of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. It is a day-long intensive of Workshops and culminates with the ASW's most beloved ritual Honoring the Stag God, Cernunnos. Teachers are Elders and Initiates of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition. Workshops will include:

  • Wheels Within Wheels
  • Using Divination Tools to Sharpen Your Psychic Skills
  • Opening to the Anima Mundi-Workshop and Ritual
  • Grounding and Centering-The Techniques
  • How Do I know If Deity Is Calling Me?
  • Preparing the Ground Drum Circle and more.

The Ritual: The Ritual for the Stag God Cernunnos concludes the day's events as we join in celebration and listen to the words of the God, dance in honor of our connection to the animal kingdom and experience the life and potency of the Natural world.

Time: 9:30 am to 8:00 pm
Location: Springfield Friends Meeting; 1001 Old Sproul Rd, Springfield Township, Delaware County, PA
For More Info: see the Spring Magick Facebook page, or http://www.sacredwheel.org/upcoming-events.html

April 30, 2017 , Sunday - Beltaine Celebration. Celebrate fertility by dancing the May Pole at an outdoor park. More details soon. (Note that the date is not firm yet)

Gather Time: TBD
Location: near Phoenixville, PA (TBD)

Please RSVP to Diane to ask about attending any Moonfire events, and to get more details. Moonfire open events are free, but advance signups are required. Contact awenydd31@gmail.com


The general locations of Moonfire's 2017 rituals and events are shown as red circles in the map below. Most will be held near Phoenixville, PA, although there will also be events near Media and Doylestown, among others. We have led or participated in rituals in many areas of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Lammas, 2006, Delaware County, PA

Bridgid, Imbolg 2008, Willow Grove , PA

Litha, 2007 and 2008, Delaware County, PA

Mabon 2008, Willow Grove , PA

Moonfire Sweat Preparation, 2008, Seelie Court, DE